Seminar to create enthusiasm: Two days for new ambitions

Rising to a new challenge

Last week we were tasked by the management board of the French subsidiary of a global pharmaceutical company with helping them achieve their new ambitions.

Our solution: a two-day seminar to help 100 employees take ownership of the company’s mission.

We successfully brought the sales, marketing, medical affairs and support divisions together to take a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to the challenge through fun and collaborative workshops participants loved.

Goodbye top-down seminars, hello enthusiasm: using creative cinematic techniques for a bigger impact! 

Mission accomplished for a bespoke team of consultants: Antonio Meza, Yvane Piolet, Lorraine Margherita, Delphine Beauquesne, Karine Duchatel and Ludovic Hacopian.

Thank you to Mathieu Colin from the 50 WAYS EVENEMENTS agency for his invaluable support !

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