Our commitment to the planet

As part of our commitment to the planet, we became a Time For The Planet shareholder.

Why did we commit?

As we support businesses that help improve our society and protect the planet, we naturally wanted to support the Time for the Planet initiative. This non-profit enterprise harnesses entrepreneurship to address the climate emergency through cooperation – an approach that closely reflects our own.

Our mission is to help companies build their resilience, and our commitment underlines our practical contribution to building this resilience in the interests of our planet.
Our investment in Time for the Planet is proportional to the number of Shakers (consultants) who have joined the Shaker Network. At our own level, we are contributing to Time for the Planet’s extremely ambitious goal of raising €1 billion for 100 global innovations to combat global warming.
We decided to mention it here to encourage our followers to take a closer look at this amazing project ‒ and even get involved.

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