The Shakers: together at last !

The Shaker Company network’s first in-house seminar Company

The day we were all waiting for!

We brought together our partners for a real, in-person (rather than virtual) meeting to inform our thinking on how to support the management and organisations of the future.

Developing our support pathways together in order to build more resilient and enthusiastic companies and help every employee find their rightful place.

Our programme was intense and stimulating, and the discussions were extremely rewarding.

We also took this opportunity to determine the vocation of our network.

In line with our mission to “Help leaders build resilient and enthusiastic organisations, where everyone can find their rightful place,” we meet within The Shaker Company to:
– Explore and lead projects with other individuals sharing the same values
– Test and take an innovative approach to our methods and our support services
– Promote to our clients new management practices, governance methods and business models with a positive impact
– Pool our resources to best promote our mission
– Have a positive direct impact on society and the environment

In keeping with this vocation, we tested our new enthusiasm questionnaire in order to shed light on our collective inputs. This also provided us with the opportunity to apply the sociocratic principles of our organisation, through a process of decision by consent and by creating two operational circles around our business and services.

This day-long event helped create new connections and reaffirmed our strong commitment to working together. We’re ready to continue our collective adventure to fulfil our mission!

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